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What Issues Should I Consider When Selling My Home?

Tax Planning, Assets and Investment Planning, Life Events
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Updated 7/19/2023

Selling a home is a very complicated matter that can have profound impacts on your clients, both financially and emotionally.

With your guidance, clients will be better equipped to navigate the process of selling their home to ensure they have a better financial outcome.

This checklist covers the key issues to consider when selling your home, such as:

  • Preparing yourself for the sale of your home, and having a plan on what to do with the proceeds afterwards.
  • Figuring out your initial cost basis, and understanding whether any adjustments to your cost basis need to be made.
  • Determining the extent of any gain/loss, and whether you may qualify for any exclusion of capital gains on the sale of your home.
  • Understanding how the sale of your home may affect other tax planning goals.

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