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What Issues Should I Consider When Establishing My Charitable Giving Strategy?

Retirement / Decumulation, Estate Planning, General
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**This guide has been updated to incorporate new changes made by The SECURE Act 2.0 that are effective for the 2023 year. Any SECURE Act 2.0 changes that are effective for 2024 will be incorporated into this guide at the start of the 2024 year.

Many of your clients are charitably inclined but need help aligning their resources, priorities, and philosophy. As a financial advisor, you are uniquely positioned to counsel clients as they determine what, when, and how to give to charitable organizations. By analyzing each client’s unique situation, you can identify opportunities and model outcomes in order to optimize the impact of charitable gifts.

This checklist helps you guide your clients as they consider and implement a charitable giving strategy. It covers:

  • Philanthropic motivations and goals
  • Cash flow considerations
  • Asset selection when funding gifts
  • Charitable giving vehicles
  • Tax planning and deductibility


Updated 1/19/2023

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