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What Issues Should I Consider Before And After The TCJA Sunset Provision Occurs?

Updated 1/1/2024

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Many clients have enjoyed the lower tax brackets brought about by the TCJA. However, the current tax brackets are expected to change at the end of 2025 when the TCJA sunsets. Are you and your clients prepared for this?

With this checklist, you can start having meaningful conversations with your clients about steps that can be taken now, and after the sunset occurs, to ensure they are making the most of their tax planning goals and needs.

This checklist covers important tax planning factors to consider before and after the TCJA sunset provision occurs, such as:

  • The effect on one’s budget and cash flow.
  • Potential changes in one’s retirement contribution strategy.
  • Proactive planning strategies regarding required minimum distributions (RMDs) and the sale of other taxable assets..
  • Business owner considerations regarding purchases and the Section 199A QBI deduction.
  • Estate planning and gifting strategy considerations.
  • How portfolio allocations might change after the sunset provision occurs.
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