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Learn how our flowcharts and checklists help you navigate complex financial planning questions.
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"What you guys have created is pretty bada**! I’ve used your material for both client meetings and prospective clients."
— An advisor in CA
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Confidently Provide Consistent Advice
Stay on top of the latest planning rules and ensure planning opportunities are not missed with fpPathfinder as your internal reference tool.
Enhance Client Engagement And Demonstrate Your Value
Be the expert and show clients the value you provide with white-labeled checklists, flowcharts, and summary guides.
Systematize Client Communication and Meetings
Create productive and efficient client and prospect meetings with interactive checklists to help you uncover planning opportunities in advance.
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Navigating Complex Questions
Flowcharts, checklists, and summary guides help you confidently lead diligent client conversations and uncover planning opportunities.
Financial Planning Visualized
Flowcharts help you analyze the most common planning strategies and explain them to clients, streamlining the decision-making process for everyone.
Planning Issues Summarized
Checklists cover issues, from cash flow to estate planning, so you can feel confident that you’ve covered the important points, asked the right probing questions, and shown your value.
Summary Guides
Summary Guides can boil down essential information or help compare a financial planning topic at a glance.
Interactive Checklists make it easier and faster to help clients
Looking for some customization? Edit, add, or hide checklist questions to match your client’s situation.
Create a custom link to send clients a digital checklist to fill out. Integrate with your CRM to log notes and planning issues, or get completed checklists sent your to inbox.
Premier members can complete interactive checklists with clients during meetings or send them to clients beforehand to gather information and flag issues for an efficient meeting.
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What People Are Saying About Us
“Checklists don't make the planner smarter or more skilled, but do help to ensure that the planner maximizes the knowledge and skill he/she already has.”
– Michael Kitces Publisher and Editor-In-Chief at and fpPathfinder Co-Founder
“fpPathfinder has been critical in my execution of financial planning. They provide well thought resources for when clients face specific problems, and I use them over and over again."
– Roger Whitney CFP®️, CIMA®️, CPWA®️
“fpPathfinder is the only planning tool that tries to address all of the obstacles facing our clients”
– Cathy Curtis Curtis Financial Planning
Join fpPathfinder's 4,000+ Happy Members