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Stay on top of the latest planning rules and ensure planning opportunities are not missed with fpPathfinder as your internal reference tool.
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Why Choose Essentials Membership?
  • Confidently ask probing questions

  • Guide clients through complex decision making

  • Identify other planning conversations

Why Members Choose Essentials Membership
Essentials members use checklists, flowcharts, and summary guides behind the scenes as their "secret sauce."
Rely on more than 100 guides for up-to-date, researched, accurate information to address clients' financial planning questions.
Use to create a consistent client experience across the team.
Leverage to train new team members.
What Members Say About Essentials Membership
Don't take our word for it! Read what our members -- your peers -- have to say about being Essentials fpPathfinder Members.
"The checklists help advisors think outside the box of their knowledge and experience covering a multitude of planning areas."
– An Advisor in Minnesota
"The flowcharts give me a lot of confidence. Candidly, I sometimes worry that I might miss something when planning for my clients. The flowcharts give me confidence that I won't"
– An Advisor in Virigina
"I had my own internal set of workflows, but by piggybacking fpPathfinder, I've saved who knows how many hours. It's a great product and I'll be a subscriber for years."
– An Advisor in Texas
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Explore our Deluxe plan and learn how you can use the checklists, flowcharts, and summary guides to enhance the client experience.
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