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Be the expert and show clients the value you provide with white-labeled checklists and flowcharts.
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Create custom white-labeled guides to give your clients a more personalized experience
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Develop custom client engagement pieces (such as a white-labeled Client Service Calendar)
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Why Choose Deluxe Membership?
  • Have done-for-you, white labeled guides

  • Show you clients the complex work you help them accomplish.

  • Educate your clients and use as a conversation script.

How Advisors Use Deluxe Membership
Advisors who value Deluxe membership want to to show up for clients as confident thought leaders who are diligent and prepared.
Send to clients when they have a question about a financial planning topic.
Use in newsletter and blog content.
Share with clients in meetings to explain financial planning concepts.
White Label FEATURE
Custom white label the flowcharts, checklists, and summary guides to create a branded, tangible client experience!
Add your logo
Choose your colors
Apply your firm's logo and color scheme, and customize the back page to make the checklists, flowcharts, and summary guides your own. Try the white-label feature and download your free customized flowchart!
What Members Say About Deluxe Membership
Don't take our word for it! Read what our members -- your peers -- have to say about being Deluxe fpPathfinder Members.
"It's hands-down the best collection of client-facing resources I've found anywhere. The checklists are amazing too, to make sure I'm not forgetting anything in a review."
– An Advisor in Kentucky
"The white-label feature in Deluxe is really fantastic. It is really powerful to talk through the decision tree with a client with our logo & color options on the chart, frankly, because it makes us look smarter! "
– An Advisor in New York
"I adore your product. It’s so helpful to my clients and myself. I really like that I could change all the colors to match my logo. It looks fantastic."
– An Advisor in Washington
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